Wilderness Survival Club

Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to survive alone in the wilderness? What would you do if you were stranded on a desert island or lost in a tropical rain forest? Join The Traveling Naturalist's Wilderness Survival Club and you will have the right attitude, the technical skills, and the knowledge needed to not only survive, but thrive! 

 At Wilderness Survival Club you will learn...

  • How to prevent a survival situation in the first place!
  • How to maintain a positive attitude in the most difficult of circumstances
  • How to purify water to drink
  • How to build a shelter (you will learn how to build many different styles based on the survival location)
  • How to build a fire with your bare hands using various traditional methods like the bow drill and fire-saw
  • How to navigate in the wilderness using a map and compass (and without navigational tools)
  • How to find food by hunting, gathering, and scavenging
  • How to protect yourself from the elements and from creepy crawlies and other wild animals
  • How to prevent and care for injury and illness
  • How to signal for help and rescue!
  • How to help teach others the survival skills you learned!