This diagram pictures the basics elements of "Top-Rope" climbing.

Below: This diagram shows a basic "Top-Rope" anchor using natural parts of the environment for protection. 

Introduction to Rock Climbing  

"Top-Rope" Climbing

 During this expedition you will learn...

  • Climbing safety & precautions
  • "Top-Rope" site management
  • Introduction to rock climbing gear & equipment
  • How to Belay & use climbing commands 
  • "Top-rope" anchor construction using natural & artificial anchors
  • Basic climbing movement & technique
  • Leave-No-Trace wilderness ethics
  • Customized Naturalist lessons
  • How to send, send, send!!!

Watch and learn...

This YouTube video introduces the basic elements of "Top-Rope" climbing & explains how-to-belaying.

This YouTube video will give you an idea of what you will learn & accomplish during the "Introduction to Rock Climbing" expedition. Listen, learn and enjoy!