This diagram pictures the elements of lead or multi-pitch climbing while placing "Trad" gear for protection. 

Below: Proper placement of trad gear (cams) in a parallel crack. Believe it or not, cams are just as safe as bolts if placed correctly!

Advanced Rock Climbing 

"Trad" Climbing

During this expedition you will learn...

  •  Climbing safety and precautions
  • Lead climbing site management 
  • Placing protection - Active & Passive gear: Cams, Tri-Cams, Nuts, Hexes, Slings...
  •  Advanced anchor construction
  • Advanced climbing movement (for example: climbing overhangs, traversing, etc...)
  • Lead belaying and cleaning a route
  • Multi-pitch climbing
  • Rappelling (abseiling) 
  • Rock rescue
  • Rope ascension
  • Back-country climbing
  • Deep-Water soloing
  • Leave-No-Trace wilderness ethics
  • Customized Naturalist lessons

This YouTube video discusses "Traditional" rock climbing.